Still be able to cater to folks at your restaurant with this contactless dining experience

A Contactless

Dining Experience

Order your meal and pay at your favorite restaurants seamlessly with Glyde.

Here's how we roll.

Scan into a Digital Experience

Simply walk into your favorite restaurant, be seated, and scan the QR code on your table. No need to wait for a waiter to come take your order. Or take however much time you may need to.

No more touching filthy menus

Menus can have bacteria counts as high as 185,000 per square centimeter-far more than a toilet seat. Browse the menu using Glyde, avoiding touching menus and kiosk tablets.
Scan the QR code at your table and order for food automatically without making any form of contact with anyone or anything
Your food will come your way before you know it

A Curated Menu,
at your fingertips

Now that you have your menu all loaded up, see all the foods you love and all the featured items right at the top.

A menu, oriented with you in mind

Our AI-Powered menu understands what you like to eat and what suits your diet, making it easy to answer the hardest question of your day... What do I eat for lunch?

Pay Right from Glyde

Glyde removes the hassle of waiting for your check. Add your payment options and pay for your food as you go to order.


If you wanted to pay for a friend, or split the check amongst the group, Glyde makes it an ease to do so right from the app. We take fighting over the bill right out of the equation.
Pay for your food right from Glyde as well and save money in the process with Glyde exclusive deals

Coming soon to restaurants near you

Glyde is bringing the tools that diners will need in this changing environment.

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