Let your guests order and pay from their seats!

We give you the tools to let your users order and pay for their food right from their phones as soon as they walk in to your restaurant.



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How your guests can use Glyde

Built for ease of use.


a QR code on the table

Let your diners be seated or come up to your store front to scan a QR code. They are greeted by a webapp, with your menu, completely curated to your restaurant's theme.


right from your table

From there your diners can not only browse the menu, but also order and pay for their food.


and enjoy your food

The order comes right to your Point of Sale and you get a ton of benefits through this simple process.


Tell us about the food

Your diners can rate each item on your menu to let you know what you are doing right or just straight up outstanding.

Features built for you

We kept key features in mind to help increase margins for restaurants on our platform and create a more seamless ordering experience.

Built to increase margins.

We focus on making your labor more efficient to aid table turns and profits. Since the ordering and payment process is handled we can save precious time for each user's order. Along with that, you get data on what foods are selling hot in your restaurant to know what items to keep in stock and continue pushing.

Effortless integration.

We focus on building deep relationships with most POS providers and Payment partners. See a list of all supported here.


Check sizes with upselling notifications as the users dine.


Table turns to keep the traffic flowing in the restaurant for dine-in or take-out.

Marketing Tools

Get valuable customer data to market back to your users the right way.

Tab-Based Ordering...

Let us focus on upselling, while you provide hospitality.

Upsell to Your Users

By keeping an open tab, we can offer your customers relevant add-ons and suggestions as they dine to increase check sizes.

Decrease Processing Fees

Instead of paying for each item after ordering, we can just keep one total payment for the end of the dining session.

Loyalty, Promo's and more...

Manage it all, Merchant

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