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Glyde is our vision to automate the ordering and payment process within various food establishments. In time, we want to make our app the only one you use to order food no matter where you go. Out at a ball game, watching a movie with friends, or going out to dinner with that special someone? Keep seated, order your food through Glyde, and stay in the moment. Your food will come your way before you know it.
Simply walk into your favorite joint, scan the QR code/ticket, and select your order from your curated menu. Based on your dietary restrictions and preferences, you will get a menu tailored to you right through the app. Then just pay for your order and wait for your food to come your way. Have friends with you at the table? You all can pay for each other’s food, split the bill, and see what each other is ordering. Glyde makes it an interactive process for the whole group.
Glyde is a platform focused on the in-establishment experience, automating the process of ordering food to your table at a restaurant or at your seat in a stadium. Scan your ticket or QR code, order your food,and simply wait.
With Glyde, you get not only a customized experience, but also the ease of having all your orders,when you go out to eat,in one place. You save time by not having to wait for a check, or in line at a concession stand. Our platform lets you stay in the moment at all times, and rewards you for continuous use at your favorite places.
Don’t worry we aren’t taking waiters and waitresses out of the equation, but instead allowing them to do their given task better: Being your host. Now all the silly technicalities like handling a split check, or taking long strenuous orders are out of the equation and just let them focus on bettering your experience as a customer.
You can tip right through Glyde at the end of your order, it will be present right on your payment screen. A 100% of tips go to the waiters.
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