July 12th 2020

The State of COVID-19 and it's Effect on Restaurants

Nigel Master
Nigel Master

Coronavirus touched down in the United States early this year. By mid-March many restaurants were ordered to hunker down and close indefinitely till restrictions were lifted. Some restaurants were able to survive during these times through the use of outdoor dining. If a restaurant had enough outdoor space to cater to guests, then that was the only way to have the dine-in experience. Other restaurants turned to take out and delivery options to start generating profit. All these are temporary solutions to a long-term problem. Restaurants’ main source of revenue comes from the customers who come in and sit down for a meal. With the similar overhead and expenses, but a fraction of the incoming revenue, this will be a struggle for most restaurants. In this industry profit margins are already slim, and with COVID disrupting it, restaurants are barely cutting it even and many are going out of business.

So what does the future of the restaurant business look like?

It doesn’t look so bright, as stated by chef Tom Colicchio with an estimation of over 50% of restaurants will not make it post COVID-19. Many will lose their jobs due to this, with over 10 million job losses as well.

How can we save these restaurants and help bring them back even stronger?

One of the biggest things we can do is to donate to organizations who are trying to open these restaurants. There are many organizations that have set up campaigns to help restaurants not only survive the crisis but also to rebuild and prosper long term. Here is a list of different places to donate:

• Open for Good Campaign

• Restaurant Opportunities Centers United Relief Fund

• Save Independent Restaurants Coalition

We at Glyde are trying to help restaurants bring the customers back into the dining space by reducing overhead and increasing revenue for restaurants. This will be done by facilitating the flow of people in and out of the establishment with our automated ordering/payment process. Social distancing will also be promoted in the process, keeping everyone safe, happy, and comfortable.