June 24th 2020

The New Normal

Eklavya Patel
Eklavya Patel

The world, our lives and many of the ordinary things that have been part of our daily lives have changed so drastically in the short span of a few months and they may never be the same again. The global COVID-19 pandemic will leave a permanent mark on how we conduct the very normal things we have been doing for years. Things like attending sporting events, concerts and dining at restaurants have basically halted right now; the last of which is going through drastic changes as we speak. As we have been working tirelessly, perfecting our platform for users and restaurants alike, many new players have emerged in this space, bringing products that take public health and hygiene into account at restaurants. I’d like to showcase Presto’s Contactless Dining Kit, a product that offers an end-to-end dining experience. A product very similar to Glyde in many aspects, and very different in some key aspects.

The kit offers restaurants to implement a contactless dining solution at much ease. The set up is simple and it allows for quick installation. At the surface, Presto’s solution follows a very similar course to Glyde, using a Scan, Order, Pay methodology. Users scan a table top QR Code which opens a digital menu from which they can place orders. Then, once they are done eating, they can pay directly from their phones. One key difference is, although this process is seamless on the users end, the process isn’t as seamless on the restaurants end. Presto’s solution depends heavily on their Presto Tablet. With direct POS integration into many popular POS systems, Glyde offers a seamless experience on the restaurant's end as well. Orders made through traditional methods and through Glyde are basically indistinguishable. On top of which, our payment integration allows restaurants to keep the same great transaction rates they have been used to.

All in all, of all the different solutions coming out to tackle the same problem, it is necessary that these solutions hold for a post-COVID world. This is because these events have changed how many people look at personal hygiene and these solutions must be ones that are here to stay.

Learn more about Presto and their Contactless Dining Kit here.