Restaurants optimizing their output.
August 11th 2020

How restaurants can Optimize their output during this time.

Samir Peshori
Samir Peshori

For all you restaurants out there, we know how tough these times are for you all. However, with that said, there are plenty plans of action that you can implement to increase your day to day sales. Here are some that you can instantly incorporate to help both you and your customers!

Through these times, make your consumers aware of the steps you are taking to accommodate for these times during the virus. Post it up on your socials, your site, and around your restaurant to make the news heard. May it be outdoor dining, social distanced tables, or contactless ordering methods, make your customers aware. You know what you are doing, so make your users also aware that they too can feel comfortable coming in to dine (as long as you are taking the right measures of course). Again, outdoor dining is key, but make it welcoming and properly socially distances as well. Offer tents for the hot summer rays, and proper tables that are spread apart and nicely set for your customers to feel as welcome as they would inside your establishment.

Provide a contactless dining solution! Your servers won’t always realize if a new group comes in and they will have to flag them down and then again throughout their dining process if they are not properly attended to outside. This will reduce wasted time in servers constantly coming in and out, having to take orders, seeing if anything is needed, or taking checks. Glyde can help in this process, as we automate all those things! This also enables users to not have to deal with a cashier potentially or swapping cash or cards one way or another.

Takeout/delivery orders will be on the rise, so make sure to accommodate for those primarily and have resources prepared for such operation. Grubhub has stated that dine-in service is down as much as 75%. (Source) With that said, make the proper accommodations and digitally promote all the good food you are still putting out may it even be through your deliveries or take-outs!