Social distance in restaurants.
August 8th 2020

Ways to social distance in restaurants

Akshith Goutham
Akshith Goutham

Hey there you all restaurant owners! Are you finding it difficult to keep up with overhead costs during this time of financial uncertainty and knowing that your employees may or may not be back?

Don’t worry. Here’s how Glyde can help you out.

With our contactless dining technology, your customers don’t have to come face to face with a single employee or server as they can view the menu, place their order, and pay right from their phone. (This includes tipping and splitting the bill) Additionally, your servers don’t need to keep coming back and forth to take any more orders as any update the customer puts in their order goes directly to your point of sale system.

With Glyde taking care of everything with their orders, customers can leave whenever they want to without the assistance of any server. This makes it more efficient and quicker for tables to open up especially during those busy weekends and game days when you have a large crowd eagerly waiting to be seated. 😉

You don’t even need to worry about having to hire more employees because you’re running low on staff because with Glyde you don’t need as many servers to be working at once as our contactless dining provides your staff and customers with not only efficiency, but also a SAFE dining experience.

Contactless dining reduces your labor costs, there are no fees, and on top of that, you don’t even need to change your point of sale system!

So, what are you waiting for?