Wine glass at restaurant.
August 1st 2020

Earning your Guests Attention

Naveena Kurma
Naveena Kurma

Restaurant marketing depends all about how the restaurant communicates and engages with customers. Once you catch customers’ attention, usual questions are answered that are related to the restaurant and how it makes them unique. Even after COVID-19, customers are expecting the similar way of communication as before the pandemic. One additional factor that should be added this time, is the safety factor. Some of the ways to attract guests to restaurants are:

     • Easy access of the restaurant’s website

     • Maintaining social media and frequent updates (pictures or videos)

     • Managing business listing online – respond to the customers’ reviews

     • Discuss the measures and technology being adapted

     • Participate in community events and/or promote new offers

     • Interviews with publications

Based on the survey conducted on the restaurant guests by Toast, guests are discovering the restaurant mostly by their friends/family, online reviews, restaurant website, social media platforms and articles/newspapers. The major part of attracting customers to come to dine-in (or even take-out) is when the restaurant updates them with the safety measures taking place in it.

If the restaurants are able to effectively communicate the safety measures and precautions to the customers, maintaining the quality of the food as before the pandemic, and if the customers are satisfied with the service, they can confidently open their restaurants.