May 24th 2020

Our COVID-19 Response

Samir Peshori
Samir Peshori


In these passing weeks, our team has been working effortlessly to launch our platform, Glyde. We are pushing to create a contactless dining experience for restaurant owners to enable them to get back on their feets during these trying times. With Glyde we will be able to automate the ordering and payment process within restaurants and allow users to avoid touching menus and kiosks that many others have touched and would only increase the circulation of germs (fun fact, menus have bacteria counts as high as 185,000 per square centimeter-far more than a toilet seat). We can also enable a pickup service to be used in these establishments with Glyde. The process to get our platform into a restaurant will also be super simple as we directly integrate with 75% of POS systems in the United States. This will keep additional hardware at a minimum and the process of integrating and use as simple as can be. We will be launching in a matter of days and hope to help as many restaurant owners push through these times and only come out stronger in the end.